Air Freight

Businesses needing urgent and time-sensitive shipments can use Eagle International Logistics Co. air freight services. With the help of our wide network of international partners and airlines, we provide flexible and tailored solutions for air freight, such as door-to-door, airport-to-airport, and charter services to customers. For a trouble-free shipment, their knowledgeable team also handles customs clearance, documentation, and insurance. Our services incorporate innovative features including:

Delivery timely shipments

At EILC, we are aware of the value of on-time delivery of shipments. Due to this, we provide expedited air freight services to guarantee prompt and dependable delivery of products. Our knowledgeable staff works directly with clients to comprehend their shipping demands and to give them with solutions that are specifically tailored to their requirements. Our international networking with the leading airlines helps us to make sure that your cargo reaches the destination on time.

Visibility of actual and planned movements

Eagle International Logistics Co. offers real-time tracking and frequent updates on the current whereabouts of your consignment. Our logistics specialists collaborate with you to provide a specialized, economical solution. You can depend on us to handle your logistics needs transparently and expertly with full visibility of your shipment. You can be sure that your shipment is in good hands while working with Eagle International Logistics Co.. In order to provide a seamless and effective logistics operation, we work directly with you to provide total visibility of your shipment's actual and anticipated movements.

Automatically calculated “all inclusive” price, including fuel & security

(Subject to out of control costs, e.g., screening, duties etc.)

Our cutting-edge algorithm automatically determines the cost based on the particular requirements of your shipment, accounting for elements like destination, mode of transportation, and weight. By doing this, you can be confident that the pricing you are given is reasonable, competitive, and reflects the true cost of your cargo. It's crucial to remember that our all-inclusive pricing may be affected by uncontrollable expenses like screening and customs charges. However, we make an effort to keep these expenditures to a minimum and will collaborate with you to identify cost-effective solutions that satisfy your demands.

Immediate availability of price

(including “door to door”)

When it comes to logistics, Eagle International Logistics Co. is aware that time is of the importance. We provide instant pricing for all of our services, including "door-to-door" delivery, because of this. In order to streamline operations and guarantee that your shipment reaches its destination promptly and efficiently, we also provide "door-to-door" delivery services. From pickup through delivery, our team of logistics professionals will handle every step of the shipping process and keep you regularly updated on the progress of your package.

Accurate and standardized invoicing

(Subject to out of control costs, e.g., screening, duties etc.)

At Eagle International Logistics Co., we take great pleasure in our dedication to precision and openness in all facets of our logistics services, including invoicing. Your invoices will be precise, thorough, and standardized thanks to our sophisticated invoicing system, allowing for simple tracking and record-keeping. For simple tracking and record-keeping, we also standardize our billing. Due to the same style used for all invoices, it will be simple for you to maintain track of your shipments and bills over time.

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